The EAR Production Suite (EPS) is a set of VSTĀ® plugins for digital audio workstations (DAWs) that enable sound engineers to produce immersive and personalizable content using the Audio Definition Model (ADM) format and to monitor it for any ITU-R BS.2051 loudspeaker configuration using the ITU ADM Renderer. ADM is the only format available for codec-agnostic Next Generation Audio (NGA) productions. Moreover, the EAR Production Suite enables professionals to import and export ADM files, compliant to the EBU ADM Production profile. The VSTĀ® plugins are currently optimized for the Reaper DAW, which features an extension interface that is used to import and export ADM files within a BW64 container. The EAR Production Suite was designed to demonstrate the intended use of the ADM in audio production workflows, so that the standards can be adopted in other professional tools in a consistent manner.

The EAR Production Suite is a joint open-source development of BBC R&D and IRT

Codec-agnostic NGA productions

Mix independently of loudspeaker setup

Native support for the Audio Definition Model

Free open source implementation

Video Tutorial


Import ADM Files
  1. Select in the menu File -> Create Project from ADM file -> Create from ADM using EAR
  2. Wait while all ADM elements are being created as tracks and automation curves along with metadata input plugins for each object or channel bed. There will be also tracks and plugins created for the Scene and the Monitoring.
  3. Disable "Master send" for the Monitoring track routing and add your hardware output there
  4. Enjoy :)
Start with session template
  1. Open template in REAPER
  2. You will find a number of tracks with plugins for further usage
    - Two object tracks
    - One channel-based track
    - One EAR Scene bus
    - Two EAR Monitoring buses, one for Stereo monitoring and one for 5.1
  3. The Scene Plugin has already two audio programmes, one called "English" and one "German"
  4. All metadata connections between the plugins and I/O routings are set. You can start by importing your audio files into the tracks.
  5. Switch between the different renderings by exclusive-soloing (CMD+Alt+Click (macOS) / Ctrl+Alt+Click (Win)) the monitoring tracks.


The EPS is designed for REAPER 64-bit, on a 64-bit OS (macOS or Windows)

Show installation instructions
  1. Install REAPER
  2. Copy / install the VST plugins into your common VST folder.
    - Windows: C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3
    - macOS: ~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3
  3. Open REAPER and go to Options -> Preferences -> Plug-Ins -> VST and click Rescan
  4. Copy / install REAPER ADM Extension into the REAPER plugins folder. Ensure you include the ADMPresets subdirectory.
    - Windows: C:\Program Files\REAPER (x64)\Plugins
    - macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/REAPER/UserPlugins
  5. Restart REAPER
  6. You should see a new menu option File -> Create Project from ADM file now. If you don't see this option and you are using Windows, it might be neccesary to download and install the Visual C++ 2015 redistributable ("vc_redist.x64.exe") from Microsoft.


You can contact the developers of the EAR Production Suite via this mail. For feedback, feature request and bug reports, we would appreciate if you submit an Issue on our Github page. If you are considering adding ADM support to your own tools, we would be happy to discuss and advise.